Creative Marketing Integration: The Alignment of Digital and Traditional Marketing Strategy

Creative Marketing Integration: The Alignment of Digital and Traditional Marketing Strategy

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An Overview of the 14th MIST

Management Student Society Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia proudly presents Marketing Insight Seminar and Training (MIST), the biggest annual marketing event held by university students in Indonesia. This year, MIST will be entering its 14th year, having provided astounding insights and knowledge along the way. A week-long event, it comprises of not only an incisive seminar, but also an educational training and a percipient conference.

Over the years, MIST has invited very prominent and credible speakers, with the likes of Jakarta’s vice-governor Sandiaga Uno and Hermawan Kartajaya, also known as “The Father of Indonesian Marketing”, just to name a few. Furthermore, a holistic training by eminent trainers such as Ogilvy & Mather advertising’s Strategic Planning Director, Anton Reyniers. MIST has also held international conferences in which delegates from all around Asia which includes Nanyang Technological University, has been a part of. Info graphics shows us that on average, participants rate the event at a high 5 out of a possible 6.

This year, The 14th MIST is as great as ever, having confirmed outstanding speakers, some of which are the President Director/CEO of Garuda Indonesia, Pahala Mansury, President of Indonesia Marketing Association, De Yong Adrian and also Deputy CEO of Markplus, Jacky Mussry. In addition, author of the renowned book, Consumer Behavior, Prof. Michael R. Solomon is in talks for confirmation. The event will be held from 25th of February until March the 2nd in Soehanna Hall*. With more speakers to be confirmed, this event is sure to one you wouldn’t want to miss! Grab your tickets now at or contact Danantya (+62 812 1958 4499) and be part of one of the biggest marketing event in Indonesia!

The 14th MIST FEB UI

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